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Gray cement and binders

Gray cement is most commonly used for producing mortar and concrete and is one of the most important binders for building materials worldwide.

Masonry mortar and plasters

There are various types of mortar used in construction, mortar is a mixture of cement (or lime), sand, and water used to bond masonry.


It is mainly a composite material used for grouting, repairing concrete cracks, filling gaps and sealing the joints between tiles, waterproofing, soil stabilization.

Hydrated lime and white cement

Incorporating lime into mortars and renders benefits the fresh and hardened properties of the materials and associated construction.


Plaster is a protective coating that is applied to masonry in order to protect it from external agents and damage. It consists of a mixture between a mortar and a binder (hardener) that allows the plaster to adhere to the wall.


Adhesives provide superior bonding for all of your building needs. Bonds that last as long as the material they are joining together.

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